Fight For


Our life's flight toward our goals isn’t always a smooth one.  We are impacted by factors like the thoughts we put in our mind, the company we keep, the food and drink we consume or the genetic traits we inherit. As pilots of our lives, we must increase the inputs available to us to counteract those negative impacts and leverage the positive ones.


Welcome aboard!


Join the crew as we navigate life’s flight together by examining our roles and goals, those runway edges that define our maneuver space and the influences impacting our approach.


We’ll improve our crosscheck, increase our tools for success and help each other Fight For Centerline!


15 to 60-minute, high-energy, insightful presentations.

We'll jump in the cockpit of life together to acknowledge, recognize and define the centerlines of our lives. Let's discover ways we can assess and adjust our flight path toward the many roles we take on in our lives.

1 to 3-hour, interactive, personal discussions.

Together, we'll craft a personal flight plan to chart a course in our many different roles. It's time for us to take control of our own life and be in charge of our own successes.