Refreshing Common Sense

/ ri·FRESH·shing /

adjective: serving to refresh or reinvigorate someone

verb: give new energy to; stimulate memory by checking previous information

If you're tired of hearing "That's the way we've always done it!" or "Because I said so" as explanations, this is where you need to be.


We'll explore the power of bringing back common sense! No more outsourcing our thinking or decision-making to other people (or the latest app). Let's get back to basics and improve the effectiveness that comes with better understanding of our own motives and the motives of others.


15 to 60-minute, high-energy, insightful presentations.

Focused on getting to the why behind traditions, customs, policies and daily decisions for deeper understanding and commitment to the team and the organization.


1 to 3-hour, interactive, personal discussions.

Non-sedentary, introspective (painless) activities investigating the rationale behind traditions, customs, policies and daily decisions in pursuit of a deeper understanding and commitment to the team and organization.

Refreshing Common Sense open presented at the 

Leadership Today and Tomorrow course held at the Air Force Reserve Command's Professional Development Center