Real Life. Real Stories. Real Lessons.

Life hides opportunities in plain sight.

Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way to see them.

Let's discover them together using humor, optimism and perspective.

Join me in charting a course for you to Laugh, Learn and Think!

I'm Wally's Kid

My dad, Wally, was a man who celebrated April Fools’ Day every day and my grandfather earned the nickname “Chuckles” because he was always laughing. So humor and a prankster streak are just part of my genetic make up.

"Grinnin’ Barrett" has been my callsign for a long time and I continually strive to be deserving of it by keeping a positive outlook on whatever situation life throws my way.


As I delved into the literal meaning of “grin and bear it,” I realized it wasn’t a truly accurate description of how I wanted to live my life. Grin and bear it is about enduring something unpleasant or accepting a difficult situation because there’s nothing else you can do to improve it. But I’m not satisfied to just endure or just accept. I want to live my life being in charge of my own happiness. And sometimes that means getting out of my own way, focusing on the positive and choosing happiness. So, I don’t want to just grin and bear it; I want to grin and be. I want to be all the things I know I’m capable of being and help others do the same.


Having been accused of being refreshingly immature, my focus is on using humor, optimism and perspective to help us all define and fight for the centerlines of our lives. It’s our life to live. It’s our choice on how to live it.​ Choose happy.